March Edition of AUTOMATION Brings Focus to Cybersecurity & Connectivity

Apr 10, 2023 10:24:11 AM | March Edition of AUTOMATION Brings Focus to Cybersecurity & Connectivity

March Edition of Automation Released.

The March edition of AUTOMATION is here, and this time, the spotlight is on cybersecurity and connectivity. This issue features a plethora of articles that offer deep insights into how industries can secure and connect their operations in various use cases. From network segmentation to zero trust, AUTOMATION brings you valuable information on how to protect your equipment and data from cyber threats.

In this edition, readers will find informative articles such as "Moving Process Data Across Segmented Networks," which discusses how segmenting networks can safeguard process data. The article explains how dividing networks into smaller sections can help reduce the risk of cyberattacks and protect critical data.

"Emerging Technology Solutions in Industrial Cybersecurity" is another valuable piece featured in this issue. It explores how emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, can help in securing industrial operations.

AUTOMATION also offers a detailed analysis of the IEC 61158 standard and provides an up-close look at the EtherCAT fieldbus. The article highlights how this technology has become popular in recent years and how it can improve connectivity and efficiency.

Moreover, the issue includes "Securing Critical Infrastructure with Zero Trust," which explains how the zero-trust approach can provide greater security for critical infrastructure. It discusses the importance of identity and access management, continuous monitoring, and risk assessment in securing industrial operations.

Finally, readers will also get valuable insights into meeting NIST SP 800-82 guidelines and the NIS 2 Directive. These articles offer detailed information on how to comply with these regulations and improve cybersecurity posture.